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Acuvim KL Three Phase Industrial Kit

Acuvim KL Kit

Three phase industrial device/panel power metering kit featuring the Acuvim KL low cost non-revenue-grade kWh meter.

Mounting: Panel or DIN
CTs (x3): 200A / 400A / 600A
Optional: Enclosure, Choice of CTs
Customize Kit
ElitePro XC Energy Auditor Kit


Energy auditor portable power metering solution for load studies and energy audits, features quick-to-install flexible RoCoil CTs.

Mounting: Portable Unit
CTs: 0-50A or 5-5000A
Optional: ELITEpro XC WiFi, Choice of CTs
Customize Kit
Acuvim II Revenue Grade Metering Kit

Acuvim II Kit

High accuracy three phase revenue-grade metering bundle that complies with ANSI C12.2 standards.

Mounting: Panel or DIN
CTs (x3): 200A / 400A / 600A
Optional: Ethernet Module, Choice of CTs, Enclosure
Customize Kit
ElitePro XC Energy Auditor Kit

TED Pro Home Kit

Complete residential electricity monitoring kit, includes TED Spyder (x2) for monitoring of individual circuits.

Mounting: Panel
CTs (x2): TED Spyder Home and 200A Solid Core
Optional: Display
Customize Kit


Portable Power Meters & Permanent Submeters

The PowerMeterStore line of Power Metering products

Choose from a wide array of portable power meters & permanent submeters meters for device/panel metering and tenant metering & billing as well as residential meters that measure kwh kilawatt hours at the plug or the whole house energy monitors.


Portable Quality Analyzers and Permanently Installed Monitors

PowerMeterStore carries a large line of both Portable and Fixed Power Qulity Analyzers

The industry's best line-up of portable quality analyzers for troubleshooting and short-term power quality recording and permanently installed power quality monitors and recorders for all the major brands.

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