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Dent Instruments

Our energy measurement and recording instruments are often the first step in developing strong energy strategies, for maintaining peak operations, and for lowering operating costs.

Dent ElitePro XC Series Power Meters-

Designed for energy auditors and facilities professionals, the ELITEpro XC is a portable power metering datalogger for three phase or multiple single-phase systems. The XC has been updated with an expanded 16MB non-volatile memory (improved from 8MB). Includes USB & Ethernet communications. Optional WIFI, Bluetooth and weatherproof enclosure. Please note that all DENT software is compatible with Windows 7 and newer operating systems. It is not compatible with macOS.

Dent PowerScout 3037 Revenue Grade Networked Power Meter-

Revenue-grade power meter capable of monitoring voltage, current, power, energy, and other parameters on single and three-phase systems. Available with a variety of communication and display options.

Dent ElitePro EXC-U-N-C Energy Data Logger, US, USB/Ethernet-

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Dent PowerScout PS3037-E-N Revenue Grade Networked Power Meter-

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