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Elspec is a leading global technology provider of electrical power quality analyzers, real time power factor correction systems, and energy saving solutions.

We seek to be a global leader in power quality solutions, sharing our energy saving technology with customers and business partners and creating better energy effecient solutions that enable intelligent & efficient utilization of the world's electrical grids, thus contributing to a more reliable electrical network and a greener world. Elspec's innovative approach to R&D, coupled with dedicated customer service and support, has ranked Elspec as a global leader in the power quality market.

ELSPEC EBO-5050-0000 POE Adapter-

ELSPEC EBO-5050-0000 POE Adapter
Model: EBO-5050-0000

ELSPEC EBO-5050-0000 POE Adapter (recommended for use with wireless modem 48V/12V).

$200.00 USD

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks
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ELSPEC SOA-0270-0001 CT Cable Adapter-

ELSPEC SOA-0270-0001 CT Cable Adapter
Model: SOA-0270-0001

Shrouded Banana Plugs to ELSPEC Connector (60cm).

$102.00 USD

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks
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ELSPEC SOC-0400-0090 Multi I/O Module-

$1,060.00 USD

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks
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ELSPEC G4410 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analzyer-

ELSPEC G4410 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analzyer
Model: G4410 | Order No: SPG-4410-0090

G4410 stores 5 million waveforms which is one day of data at 256 samples per cycle per phase.

$3,790.00 USD

Availability: 4 Days
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ELSPEC SOA-4500-0000 CT Cable Extension-

ELSPEC SOA-4500-0000 CT Cable Extension
Model: SOA-4500-0000

CT Cable Extension Leads with Custom Connectors (600cm).

$102.00 USD

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks
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