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Neurio W1-HEM Home Electricity Monitor & SEK-2U Current Transformer

W1-HEM Home Electricity Monitor

Sophisticated home energy monitor, with a small meter installed in your home energy panel, transmits data to your local Wifi network, which allows you real time energy usage from your smartphone, tablet, PC. Neurio's app allows you to see what is being powered in your home, Great for using energy more efficiently, helping you manage your energy costs.

SEK-2U Current Transformer

Certified for use with the Home Energy Meter and is compatible with most residential electrical panels. This unique CT can be installed in all panel configurations, including those with uninsulated live busbars, four-wire configurations and extreme low wire clearances. This kit includes two current transformers.

Neurio W1 HEM Home Electricity Monitor-

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Neurio SEK-2U Universal Current Transformer Kit-

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