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Accuenergy AcuCT Rogowski Coil Flexible Current Transformers

High specification line of flexible current transformers that measures AC current for power metering, power quality analysis and general use. The Rogowski coil provides a versatile solution when space is limited and requires a rope-style CT to physically wrap around a irregular shaped conductor or wire.

• High accuracy for demanding applications
• Wide frequency range means excellent choice for harmonics and power quality
• Wide current input range from 5A - 50,000A AC
• Choice of 16", 24", 36" or 47" length

RCT16 (16")
RCT24 (24")
RCT36 (36")
RCT47 (47")

Accuenergy AcuCT Flex Series Rogowski Coil Flexible Current Transformers-

Designed for use where regular solid or split core current transformers cannot fit, or where a rope-style CT that physically wraps around an irregular shaped conductor or wire is required.

Accuenergy RIK 5A Series Rogowski Integrator Kits-

These easy-to-install plug-n-play solutions can be used with any power meter or equipment with a 5A current transformer input. They allow the installation of rogowski coil CTs in a variety of applications and configurations where spacial constraints may limit the use of other CT solutions. The RIK kit is designed around a three channel 5A output integrator and includes with it three Accuenergy Rogowski coil current sensors, and one power supply. All of these parts are further configurable for the needs of many applications.

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