PSL PQube 3 Portable Power Analyzer
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PSL PQube 3 Portable Power Analyzer

Model: PQ3iaB-Portable-000-0000-0000

Revenue grade class 0.2 energy meter in an easy to use package. Easy to install and no extra communication cables or software required.

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PSL PQ3iaB-Portable-000-0000-0000 Offers

Enclosed in a compact package with safety-shrouded clip-on fused banana voltage leads. All connections are pluggable, which enables the option of internally mounting a cellular modem. Ideal for field service.

3.5.0 Firmware Release Notes


  • Pluggable connections for easy field wiring
  • Voltage measurement range 100~480Vac
  • Eight current channels – 333mV or ±10V peak
  • One Relay output, 4 analog and one digital input
  • PQube 3 powered from measured voltage (360~480Vac), or 24Vdc input plug (100-240Vac:24Vdc power supply provided)
  • 30-minute internal battery backup for PQube 3
  • Support for extended capacity battery module (UPS2 module)
  • Now with 95% of features of the PQube Classic
    • Option to extend event RMS recording to 16s (RMS 1 cycle window sliding every cycle)
    • Option to use the entire event recording buffer at the start of the event, as an alternate to using half of the buffer for the beginning of the event and half for the end of the event
    • Hide IP address on web pages
  • Nominal frequency 16.67Hz (railways), 400Hz (aviation), or no mains voltage connected (fixed sampling frequency)
  • DC voltage can be connected to the mains inputs (0VDC‐1000VDC) (fixed sampling frequency)
  • Dual voltage /upstream/downstream – improved graph presentations
  • Unsent emails are sent after PQube is restarted (e.g.when PQube3 is shuts down while events email are processed or in queue).
  • Compact polycarbonate enclosure, with press-in mounting feet


Industrial and commercial power-grid monitoring

PSL PQ3iaB-Portable-000-0000-0000 Specifications

Operating Temperature Range -20°C ~ +40°C
Humidity Range 5%~ 90%RH
Voltage Input Range 100~480Vac
Voltage Lead Rating 1000V, CAT IV / max 8A
Voltage Lead Fuses 660VAC 2A
Current Input Range 333mV or +/- 10V peak (through split-core CT's or flexible CT's)
UPS Backup 5 to 30 minutes - user configurable
Weight 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
Material Polycarbonate with clear polycarbonate hinged access window
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What's included with the PSL PQ3iaB-Portable-M12-0000-0000

  • PSL PQube 3 PQ3iaB-Portable-000-0000-0000 Power Analyzer, Pre-packaged/Pre-wired Portable
  • Fused voltage cables with alligator clips


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PSL PQ3iaB-P Remote Outdoor Cell Antenna Mounting Kit RAK-PQ3iaBP-SMA-N-4M-00
For use with 2 outdoor N-style antennas.
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" data-description="Revenue grade class 0.2 energy meter in an easy to use package. Easy to install and no extra communication cables or software required.">