MeterMaid MC M30-TT 30A Plug-In Power Meter

MeterMaid MC M30-TT 30A Plug-In Power Meter

Model: M30-TT

Plug-In 30A Power Meter for RVs with 30A Male/Female RV Plug Ends. Designed for easc plug-in connection at both the pedestal side and load.

$245.00 USD

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks

MeterMaid is an in-line portable electricity meter that has been specifically designed to accurately measure RV and boat power use at the pedestals of RV campgrounds and marinas. This product will generate thousands of extra dollars per year by allowing campground owners to accurately - and fairly - bill power usage to guests. Having this product will discourage wasteful and inefficient use of electrical appliances.

Because you shouldn't be paying your guests' power bill!

The MeterMaid is a true kilowatt hour power meter (kWh meter) and is the result of years of extensive research and development. MeterMaid incorporates the latest in state-of-the-art technology and only the highest quality components are used in its manufacture. It measures either 15A or 30A depending on plug type. (Call for details)

Because it was custom built for these two applications, it is extremely durable. With a 4X rated enclosure and heavy duty cable, the MeterMaid can withstand extreme hot and cold temperature, extended exposure to sunlight, it is waterproof ... and of course is totally tamper-proof!

Key Features

  • Accuracy - MeterMaid is a Class 1 meter which is an electrical industry standard billing accuracy (US markets).
  • Simplicity - there are no buttons, software, communications cables or complicated displays. Simply plug the MeterMaid into the power pedestal, and it starts measure kWh. The analog display wheels show kWh used like a simple mileage meter in a car.
  • Easy to Use - MeterMaid needs no maintenance, servicing or re-calibration - ever!
  • MeterMaid is supplied complete with industry standard connections and a 3ft cable so it's ready to go right out of the box. It could not be any simpler!
  • Tamper-proof - with a non-resettable counter and fully-encapsulated electronics, MeterMaid cannot be tampered with, slowed down or reversed. Optionally, you can purchase locking plug connectors to the pedestal or even hard-wire the device so it cannot be removed.
  • Waterproof - it cope with the extreme climates of North American weather. The enclosure is rated IP673 within Europe and 4X in North America.
  • Tough - it can cope with some of the harshest marine environments around the world.

Each Metermaid should give many years service and continue to meter accurately even if it "goes round the clock" i.e. > 99,999.9 kWh.

If you are a campground or marina owner looking for the RIGHT solution to high electricity bills, order the MeterMaid today and instantly begin recovering your losses!

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" data-description="Plug-In 30A Power Meter for RVs with 30A Male/Female RV Plug Ends. Designed for easc plug-in connection at both the pedestal side and load.">