Obvius A89DC-08 DC Current Monitor
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Obvius A89DC-08 DC Current Monitor

Model: A89DC-08

Designed for monitoring the performance of photovoltaic arrays, the A89DC-08 offers 8 individual current inputs via built-in Hall-effect CTs. Includes MODBUS-RTU communications

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Availability: 1 to 2 Weeks

The Obvius A89DC-08 Multi Circuit DC Monitor (Solar Current Monitor) provides users of photovoltaic solar arrays with direct real time access to the generation capacity of their renewable applications. The SCM is an 8 channel Modbus RTU based direct current monitor specifically designed for solar installations.

By providing users with real time average generation capacities of each active channel, the module can generate alarms based upon user selectable thresholds. For example, if one cell on an array were to be generating less than the current average of the overall installation by a user selectable predetermined percentage, an alarm would be activated notifying the user. By using this now readily available data, users are able to circumvent days, sometimes weeks of losses in their solar arrays generation capabilities through proactive maintenance and monitoring.

The A89DC-08 DC current monitor system is designed to allow measurement and alarming of DC current applications
including solar pv arrays, battery monitoring and DC power supplies for telecom switch gear.

The A89DC-08 uses 8 non-contact DC Hall Effect sensors to measure DC current on each of the 8 channels. DC current can be measured in both directions, showing positive and negative numbers in the resulting measurement values. Data values are made available via RS485 serial using the standard Modbus RTU protocol.

In addition to reporting the current values of each channel, the A89DC-08 also provides alarm functions to monitor imbalances between channels. This feature is instrumental in detecting failed equipment in applications such as Solar PV
ApplicationsThe A89DC-08 DC Current Monitor has several applications. These include:
  • DC Load Monitoring
  • Solar PV Power Generation
  • Battery Charge and Discharge monitoring
Key BenefitsInstallation is fast and easy
  • Hall Effect sensors monitor currents accurately without dangerous connections
  • Modbus output provides open protocol for flexibility in communications
  • ModHopper transceivers eliminate costly wiring runs
  • Setup and configuration is simple, saving time and money
  • MCDM is designed to be installed in either new construction or existing installations
Monitor key performance parameters and detect problems quickly
  • MCDM provides user-selectable options for detecting failed devices or panels
  • Find and fix problems in a timely manner before penalties are incurred
Obvius lets you integrate all the essential information into an easy to use system:
  • Wireless ModHopper™ transceivers from Obvius eliminate the need for costly wiring
  • Up to 247 MCDM’s can be networked for wireless communications with ModHoppers
  • Obvius weather stations provide wireless Modbus data on critical conditions, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and irradiance
  • AcquiSuite™ data acquisition server from Obvius provides plug and play ease for lowest installed cost with options for phone, LAN or cellular communications
  • Buildingmanageronline.com (BMO) web hosting service provides remote access to reports for multiple locations

Processor Arm7 embedded CPU
LED Alive (green), RS485 TX, RX (yellow)
Protocol Modbus RTU
Addressing Modbuss address may be set from 1 to 247 via Modbus register.
Power Supply Power input 24vdc at 382mA (power supply not included)
Inputs 8 DC Hall Effect Sensors, non-contact. Maximum range +50Amps to -50Amps DC at 600V DC
The Hall Effect sensor openings are intended to be used with Insulated wire.
Cat I measurement device4 0.49 inch by 0.35 inch opening for load wire.
Accuracy ±1% of full scale (±0.5A)
Measurements DC current per channel, instantaneous and average
Average DC current (of 8 channels), instantaneous and average
Alarming Low alarm may set a percent of DC average of other channels.
Alarms may be disabled below a minimum average current level.
Minimum time for alarm may be set to prevent alarms on brief events.
Unused channels may be disabled to exclude them from total and average calculations.
Communications RS-485 (+, -, S), 9600 baud, N, 8, 1, two wire. Supports up to 32 external devices (expandable)
Isolation The RS485 terminals electrically isolated to 1500V from the remainder of the A89DC-08 board.
Environmental North America: Temperature 0 to 60°C, 0 to 95% humidity, non-condensing.
Pollution Degree 2, Altitude up to 2000M.
For indoor and outdoor use when used in an appropriate enclosure.
The A89DC-08 must be mounted inside a NEMA rated electrical enclosure for safety and isolation requirements.
Safety UL61010 Recognized
File: E320540 (Model A89DC-08)
EMC FCC CFR 47 Part 15, Class A
Size 10.25" x 2.5" x 1.75" (260mm x 64mm x 45mm)
Mass 0.83 lbs (0.375 kg)

1 Outputs are intended for low voltage class 2 inputs.
2 If the product is used in a manner not specified by the manufacture, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.
3 May be dependent on forced air cooling. See chapter on temperature in this manual for details.
4 WARNING: Not for use within measurement categories II, III or VIPage.

Click here for complete specifications on the Obvius A89DC-08
  • A89DC-08 is a breakthrough DC current monitor that simple and cost effective to install
  • Specifically engineered to monitor DC current production in solar/PV applications
  • Eight seperate hall effect sensors monitor multiple lines and provide measurements per channel as well as totals
  • Alarm options provide notification when one channel deviates from the system average. This can provide alerts for failed solar panels or strings of panels.
  • RS485 Modbus output supports up to 32 devices per wire segment, and may be expanded with additional hardware
  • Use “Plug and play” connectivity for supported devices to the Obvius AcquiSuite data acquisition server

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" data-description="Designed for monitoring the performance of photovoltaic arrays, the A89DC-08 offers 8 individual current inputs via built-in Hall-effect CTs. Includes MODBUS-RTU communications">