Additional MTU with two CTs for TED 5000
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Additional MTU with two CTs for TED 5000

Model: 5000 Series MTU & CT (set) | Order No: 5000 MTU/CT

Additional MTU with two CTs for TED 5000.

$84.95 USD

Availability: 1 Week

Measuring Transmitting Unit (MTU) with two Current Transformers (CTs) for use with a breaker panel or subpanel, to measure individual breakers, or if you've added a wind or solar installation. Package includes cord to connect the MTU into the breaker panel. You MUST have a Gateway in order to receive measurements from the MTU/CT set.

TED 5000 models come with one gateway that will support a maximum of 4 MTU/CTs which can always be added later.


MTU Facts

  • ‘MTU’ stands for “Measuring Transmitting Unit”
  • An installed MTU (in a residence) will typically have 2 CTs (Current Transformers) - more CTs in 3-phase systems
  • A TED system requires at least one MTU to operate
  • MTUs are accurate to within +/- 1%
  • MTUs sample energy-data at a rate of 8,000 times per second, take the average, and transmit that data each second to the ECC (Energy Control Center)
  • An MTU will post one measurement every one second - which is the combined measurement of the 2 CTs (generally connected to the MAIN circuits
  • If there is a Spyder connected to the MTU, the Spyder measurements will post as independent data
  • Data posted includes voltage, power factor, kW.


  • Spyder is an add-on component for an MTU in the TED Pro Series (will not work on TED5000 series
  • You must have a Pro series MTU in order to have a Spyder. Spyder connects to the MTU
  • Spyder packages are available with a variety of CT sizes. See Spyder under the PRODUCTS tab for details
  • Spyder accuracy at <7% error
  • A displayed load will be shown for each individual CT connected to the Spyder. For example, if you have eight CTs connected to your Spyder, you will be able to view each one of the eight as individual readings
  • Spyder software provides the option to view each circuit-data individually, or sum specific circuit-measurements; i.e. if you have 3 circuits in a sub-panel that go to a mother-in-law apartment, the Spyder software can sum the 3 circuits to show a total-load for the mother-in-law apartment
  • One MTU will support 2 Spyders (16 individual circuit measurements)
  • One TED System will support up to 4 Spyders (32 individual circuit measurements) in any combination, with maximum of two Spyders per MTU
  • Spyder measurements are not added to Footprints Dashboard monthly calculations. All Spyder data is summarized under the Spyder tab on the Dashboard
  • Data includes month-to-date kWh, $, and % of total household load
  • Data can be graphed as well as downloaded to a spreadsheet
  • Spyder will display a zero-load (‘off’) until the circuit-load reaches a minimum threshold (see Spyder Specifications)
  • Spyder data is posted every one-minute (the MTU-data is posted every one second)

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