Dent CT-R16-1310-U Current Transformer

Dent CT-R16-1310-U Current Transformer

Model: CT-R16-1310-U

16in RoCoil Flexible (Rogowski) Current Transformer. 5 to 5000A, Unterminated.

This product has been discontinued. Click here for the replacement model.

DENT RoCoil™ Flexible Current Transformers

TheDENT RoCoil™Current Transformers have been designed for accurate non?intrusivemeasurement of AC current, pulsed DC or distorted waveforms. Thistype ofsensormay be used to measure AC current over a wide dynamic range and from40Hz to 5 kHz.Note: The RoCoil™may require use ofintegrator/ ampli?er. See also RoCoil mV™.

RoCoil™ Dimensions

The Dimensions for RoCoil CTs
Dimensions R16
40 cm (16")
60 cm (24")
90 cm (36")
183cm (72")
A - Window Size 13 cm(5") 19 cm(7") 26 cm(10") 56 cm(22")
B - Transformer Coil O.D. 15 cm(6") 21 cm(8") 29 cm(11") 58 cm(23")
C - Transformer Length 40 cm(16") 60 cm(24") 90 cm(36") 180 cm(72")
D - Locking ConnectorO.D. 3.6 cm(1.4")
E - Transformer Coil Diameter 1.5 cm(0.6")
F - Wire Lead Total Length 2m(80")

Key Specifications

Four Lengths 40cm(16"),60cm(24"),
90cm(36"), 183cm(72")
Window Size 13cm(5"),19cm(7"),
26cm(10"), 58cm(23")
Output Signal(di/dt) 131mVAC/1000A @ 60Hz
110mVAC/1000A @ 50Hz
Current Range 5 - 5000AAC
Accuracy < 1%


All accuraciesspecified at 20°C (±2°C)withRoCoil™centered on conductor.

Output Signal 131mV/1000A@ 60Hz
110mV/1000A@ 50Hz
Wire Colors White = (+) positve
Brown = (?) negatve
Bare wire = shield
Phasing Arrow Points Towards Load
Phase Shift < 1° at 50/60Hz
Frequency Range 40Hzto 5 kHz
Useful Current Range 5 - 5000A AC*
Linearity ± 0.2%
Conductor Position Sensitivity ± 2%maximum
In?uence of External Field ± 1.5%maximum
Temperature Sensi?vity 0.07% per°C


Coil Materials Blue thermoplas?c rubber, ?ame retardantUL 94 V?0 rated
Coupling Materials PolypropyleneUL 94 V?0 rated
Shielding 85% transducer, 100% output lead
Working Temp ?20 °C to +80 °C (?4°to +176 °F)


Working Voltage 1000 Vrmsmaximum
Dielectric Strength 7400 VAC around coil
1000 VAC rated leads
Cert?cations Conforms to UL STD61010?1
Certi?ed to CAN/CSA STDC22.2
No. 61010

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