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Custom Power Metering Kits

Product selection made easier with pre-packaged kits for common applications.

Industrial / Residential / Integration / Portable.
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Portable Power Meters & Permanent Submeters

The PowerMeterStore line of Power Metering products

Choose from a wide array of portable power meters & permanent submeters meters for device/panel metering and tenant metering & billing as well as residential meters that measure kwh kilawatt hours at the plug or the whole house energy monitors.


Portable Quality Analyzers and Permanently Installed Monitors

PowerMeterStore carries a large line of both Portable and Fixed Power Qulity Analyzers

The industry's best line-up of portable quality analyzers for troubleshooting and short-term power quality recording and permanently installed power quality monitors and recorders for all the major brands.

PowerMeterStore Data Acquisition Products


Great meter... but where are the communications?!

For times like that, there's the Obvious A8810 Acquisuite data acquistion system - tie all your meters into an aggregator that can remotely enable your metering data. Alternatively, choose the Socomec A40 Ethernet Gateway - a single meter with a single Ethernet port to aggregate data from all other Socomec MODBUS meters on the same RS485 network!

View them: Obvius AcquiSuite A8810, Socomec A40 Power Meter


Too many CTs to choose from?

Try our CT Selector Table!

PowerMeterStore features a large collection of CTs suitable for most applications.

Enter your preferred type, max amps and output signal and find matching CTs from hundreds of different solid core, split core, flexible and hinged current transformers

Buying in Volume?

OEMs and frequent customers that need to purchase in volume should get in touch with us for special quantity discounts. Call now: 1.877.766.5412

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The Acuvim IIR Power Meter

Acuvim IIR Revenue Grade Power Meter

Our best selling revenue grade power meter. Features built-in MODBUS RS-485 and optional Ethernet.

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The DENT ElitePro XC Power Meter

ElitePro XC Portable Power Meter

Our best selling portable power meter. This unit features usb & ethernet with optional WiFi/Bluetooth.

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Leviton Mini-Meter series of revenue grade tenant billing meters

Leviton Mini-Meter

Billing-grade single phase tenant meter with 5 year warrant in NEMA-4X outdoor-rated enclosure

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Socomec Diris A40 Power Meter

Socomec Diris A40 Power Meter

Powerful cost effective revenue grade multifunctional power & energy meters, Modbus-to-Ethernet communication.

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